Plaster Swimming Pools, Simpsonville, SC

For durability and longevity, plaster swimming pools in Simpsonville can’t be beat!

Plaster Swimming Pools in Greenville, South CarolinaPlaster Swimming Pools in Simpsonville – Both residential and commercial pool owners are often faced with the dilemma about whether to paint their pool for yet another season or to find a better solution. At Ricky’s Pools, we feel that plaster swimming pools are a far better option to go with, and we offer this service along with many other pool maintenance and repair services.

There are a number of reasons why we believe plaster swimming pools are the best choice in Simpsonville, South Carolina.

  • Durability – Your pool’s surface deals with a lot, including temperature extremes, wear and tear from pool equipment, and potentially the improper use of pool chemicals. Plaster swimming pools are far more durable against these dangers than paint is. Paint is just a thin layer than can easily be scraped off and worn out, whereas plaster is far thicker and can handle the abuse more readily.
  • Longevity – In part because of its durability, plaster simply lasts longer. When installed by our professionals in the right manner, it can last for 20 years, whereas paint is lucky to last just two to five years, no matter how well it has been applied or what quality the product is.

While it is true that plaster swimming pools are more costly initially than painted pools, when you consider the cost and frustration of having to do the painting over and over again, and the fact that pool paint is not exactly inexpensive, you will note that it is far more worthwhile to go with the plaster swimming pool option in the beginning.

If you have any questions about plaster swimming pools or any other pool-related questions, give us a call. Let our 35+ years of experience guide you to the best choice for your situation.


At Ricky’s Pools, we install and service plaster swimming pools for people in Greenville, Simpsonville, Spartanburg, Greer, Mauldin, Wellford, Landrum, and Easley, South Carolina.