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A swimming pool with the right design and exceptional amenities is the focal point of your outdoor living space. With swimming pool remodeling, you can create a custom and beautiful landscape for your backyard. Whether you have an above or in-ground pool, swimming pool remodeling can liven up that space and help you feel pride and excitement about the new look you’ve created. As you consider swimming pool remodeling, here are some fun ideas of what to add or change:

Make the Most of Your Backyard Space with Swimming Pool Remodeling

Swimming pool remodeling

  • Add features like a waterfall or splash pad shallow entry with sprayers.
  • Have a luxury hot tub spa installed.
  • Update the deck or surface area around the pool with a modern look by adding concrete pavers.
  • Consider technology to automate some of the pool’s maintenance, such as automated cleaners, vacuums, and pool covers.
  • Install LED lights in or around your pool.
  • Add tile at the pool’s waterline.
  • Create an outdoor cooking area with a grill, fire pit, and/or smoker.
  • Resurface the pool with an updated material.
  • Detail the area surrounding the pool with variation in the landscaping (i.e. add trees for shade, use the landscape to frame the pool as the center of your yard, create varying levels of landscape using brick or concrete, etc.)
  • Install a sound system around the pool.

At Ricky’s Pools, we offer a variety of services for swimming pool remodeling, including hot tub installation, grill installation, and more. We even do decorative concrete for intricate and custom patios and walkways. If you’re considering remodeling and what something new and fresh, let us know and we’ll help you re-create your space into something you’ll love.