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Have you been looking for a store that has pool products to keep your swimming pool looking great all year long? Do you need help figuring out which pool products will help you keep your pool looking great year round?  At Ricky’s Pools, we are your first choice in stores for pool products, whether you need pool liners, covers, or chemicals and cleaning supplies. We have some basic care tips for two important pool products, covers and liners, which will help keep your pool clean and safe to use. 

Pool Product Tips to Keep Your Pool Looking Great

  • pool productsPool Covers – A swimming pool cover is designed to keep your pool water clean. It’s equally important to care for the cover and clear any debris or standing water that collects to prevent your pool from contamination. When you store the cover during the summer months, make sure to clean it thoroughly and store it in a safe, dry place. This will ensure you get many years of use. 
  • Pool Liners – Your pool liner is designed to make your pool an enjoyable place to swim and relax while protecting the inside of your pool. The water in your pool keeps the liner smooth, and any damage can cause cracking or bubbling, which may be an expensive repair. Make sure you use the proper chemicals and test your pool water regularly to protect your pool liner all year long.

If you think your pool liner or cover has sustained damage, or if you need some additional tips for care, our team at Ricky’s Pools is here to help! We are your number one resource for all your pool products in Greenville, SC and can provide all the information you need to maintain your pool. Give us a call today for more information! We look forward to talking with you!