Pool Products to Keep Your Pool Maintained Year-Round

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Pool productsAt Ricky’s Pools, we have everything you need to maintain your pool year-round. Below is a list of the pool products we offer:

  • Chemicals– Keeping your pool’s water at a specific chemical balance is critical for keeping it safe and clean. It’s important to make sure you’re using the right pool products to test your water frequently and to add to your water when it’s necessary. According to health experts, you should be checking your pool’s chlorine and pH levels at least once a day, and more frequently on days when it’s being used. Maintaining these levels will help to appropriately eliminate germs in the water. It may even be necessary to shock your pool by increasing the chlorine levels for a short interval of time, especially if it is murky and/or after hosting a large event.
  • Equipment- We highly recommend using an automated vacuum for the floor of your pool. We also recommend other pool products specifically for cleaning including skimmers, nets, scrubbing tools, pool covers, etc.
  • Replacement parts– Your pool’s filter is working constantly to keep the water and pool pure. Because your filter is in constant use, you may find that it needs to be replaced. Piping, the water pump, and the pool’s lining are other parts that may need to be replaced.
  • Poolside amenities– The backyard pool experience is really so much more than just the actual pool. We have all the accessories you need to enhance your experience including a slide or diving board, spa products, or even poolside grill.