Steps for Closing In-ground Pools for the Winter Season

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In-Ground PoolsAn in-ground pool is an investment well worth every penny if you’re willing to maintain it. Keeping up with the chemical levels, the cleanliness, and the general functionality of your pool is essential to having it be a long-lasting amenity with less need for repair. A particularly important aspect of maintaining in-ground pools is making sure to close them properly for the season. Below are a series of steps we recommend for closing in-ground pools:

  • Thoroughly clean the pool. This includes removing all debris and scrubbing the pool lining.
  • Have a shock treatment completed for the pool to kill any bacteria that may be in the water.
  • Test the water for chemical levels and make necessary adjustments to ensure that when closing your pool, each chemical is balanced to the recommended levels. Also, add chemicals specific for winterizing.
  • Remove the filter and clean it by hand.
  • Stop automated processes that you may have in place (i.e. Water leveling, vacuums, heating, etc.).
  • Remove any parts to the pool that are not permanent (i.e. Vacuum, pool toys, hoses, etc.).
  • Cover the pool with a heavy duty, winter cover made specifically for closing your pool for several months.

As pool professionals, we understand the necessity for appropriate and frequent maintenance. We are also well trained to help with the workload of caring for your pool. Here at Ricky’s Pools, we offer a variety of pool services and are able to assist you in the process of closing your in-ground pool for the season. Don’t hesitate to let us know how we can help or what questions you have about in-ground pools.