Tips for Pool Services You Need Regularly

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Pool servicesOnce you’ve invested in the backyard of your dreams, it’s important to maintain it regularly with the right pool services. Pools do take work and need to be cleaned on a very consistent basis. Aside from cleaning thoroughly and frequently, you also need to maintain the water’s chlorine and pH levels, be observant of any equipment malfunctions, tears in the lining, and the amount of water in the pool.

Here are some tips for pool services we recommend having done on a regular basis:

  • Test your pool’s water for chlorine and pH levels at least once a day and more than once a day if the pool is experiencing heavier usage.
  • Clear the water of debris daily. A pool cover is highly recommended to avoid additional cleaning when the pool is not being used as frequently.
  • Check the filter and clean it out weekly. Also, have the pipes leading to the filter cleaned on a monthly basis.
  • Shock the water with higher levels of chlorine if it looks murky or if it has been experiencing high levels of usage.
  • Have the pool lining thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned at least monthly to avoid algae growth.

Pools are such a fun and exciting amenity to have, so don’t let the idea of keeping up with it outweigh the experience of having your own pool. At Ricky’s Pools, we offer a variety of pool services to help take away some of your workload. We provide weekly maintenance as well as inspections and repairs. To find out more, contact us today!