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Why the Beginning of Summer is Perfect for Pool Construction
Having a swimming pool in your own backyard is something that many homeowners dream about. The thought of taking a cooling dip on a hot summer day, hosting pool parties for your children, and enjoying some quality time with the family can turn into reality with your very own backyard pool. This coming summer, don’t waste any time getting your pool installed because summer is a great time for pool construction. Here’s why:

  • Good weather. Summers generally have more predictable weather. With warmer days that include more daylight hours, the beginning of summer is the perfect time for pool construction. Thanks to the consistently warm weather, you won’t have to worry about construction delays due to weather like you would in the winter or fall, which means that your pool, on average, can be built in less time.
  • Time for enjoyment. Building a pool usually takes several weeks, but if you start at the beginning of summer, you still have months of enjoyment ahead of you. However, if you wait until the fall, you’ll have months of staring at your pool that you can’t use because it’s too cold out.
  • Built-in staycation. When you decide to put in a pool at the beginning of summer, you can also use this as a great family bonding experience. Take some time off of work and have a staycation at your home with its brand-new pool!

When you’re ready to break ground on pool construction in your very own yard, our team here at Ricky’s Pools want to help you. We can help you get the right type of pool for your yard and budget in addition to teaching you how to keep in clean and fresh. Don’t wait — start living the summer dream right now!